Spatial Illusions

Spatial Illusions is just a hobby project developed during weekends and evenings, and is mostly a one man show. I beleve that there is a place in the defense industry for Open Source and milsymbol has show that there are at least a lot of companies that are willing to use Open Source in their projects, even if they selldom want to show it to the public. Open Source dosen't just lower the cost, it is also a way to gain higher quality systems since there are a lot of developers looking into the code and running test under different circumstances. I belive that Open Source development of military systems will result in more secure and stable systems and enhance interoperability between systems.
In the begning Spatial Illusions was mostly about presenting military information on maps, but it has evolved into more of something about general military information visualization, and about how information is transmitted betweeen different systems. I have also learned that knowledge can open doors even if you only are a single guy coding as a hobby late at night.

Måns Beckman

This is me and I'm an IT consultant working with GIS and information visualization mainly with defence customers, all information on this homepage is however created in my spare time and has no connection to my work.
I have a great interest in Cartography, Statistics and Information Visualisation, and I combine that with my coding skills in my free time to try out different technologies and new ideas.

In Timbuktu, Mali, sandstorm in the background
Apart from reading and coding I like to create other things, and one thing I do is design and sew my own outdoor gear. Trial and error and try again is something I learned during my time as a Boy Scout, and that is someting that can be applied to much in life.
Since I was a kid, Cyrus Smith, the engineer that knew almost everything in Jules Verne's novel The Mysterious Island, has been a role model for me, and I try to learn new things whenever I can.


1999 - 2006

Master of Science in Civil Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology

2006 - 2009

Application Engineer at Autodesk Distributor, Specialized in AutoCAD Map 3D


Military basic training, Infantry Squad Leader, Swedish Armed Forces


Pre deployment training and deployment ISAF Afghanistan as Geo analyst

2012 - Present

Product Specialist Defence Solutions, Carmenta


Pre deployment training and deployment ISAF Afghanistan as Geo analyst

Mid 2014 - mid 2015

Pre deployment training and deployment UN (MINUSMA) Mali as Geo analyst

2015 awarded the Swedish Armed Forces Geographical Service Medal for Special Achievements.

Further Information

For further information, please don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail, twitter or any other way you think is suitable.